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Weight loss results not typical. These people below used
the HealthMaster regularly, exercised and followed
the Super Slim Me Eating Plan.

LOVE my HealthMaster, my grandson age 4 refuse to eat enough food to maintain his weight,was losing dr. wanted to put him on ensure, I brought him to my house for the weekend, told him he didn't have to eat any vegs, just drink a smoothie, send him outside so he couldn't see me make it, he drank all of the smoothie and ask for more, I bought a healthmaster for my daughter, now he is gaining weight, so if a 4yrs old doesn't know and now doesn't care he's eating vegs, all young people need to be eating this way.

Sandra S.

The HealthMaster is great. I've made the Kale and Blueberry smoothie and my son didn't realize he was eating vegetables. The blender is GREAT! I purchase the Blendtec two years ago which was twice the price of the HealthMaster and was very disappointed so took it back. The power of the HealthMaster is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you. My nephew has had the VitaMixer for years and his wife recommended the HealthMaster to me because of the price and a friend had one. It is worth every penny. I have lost 14 pounds so far.

Sharon K.

I love this product!!!It makes great smoothies and your customer service department was both courteous and professional.Please commend Kelly for her outstanding job performance!Thank you!!

Sharon C.

My wife and have had the HealthMaster for maybe 6 months now. I'm 64 and have eaten a MINIMAL amount of veggies in my life. With this product I make every day a smoothie with handfuls of spinach or brocoli, tomatoes, carrots, throw in some fruit and drink it down. It is truly great, and customer service is the best I have seen anywhere. The company stands behind the machine should there be an issue and resolves it quickly. It does exactly what the ad says and it's the ONLY way I'll eat my veggies. Absolutely wonderful.

Tony D.

I have been struggling with my weight for quite a while now. I have tried many diets and diet aids and the most amount of weight I was able to lose over the course of last year was only 9 lbs. I started Jan. 2010 210 lbs and by Dec 2010 was was around 201 lbs. My doctor wanted me on blood pressure medication as well as cholesterol medication, needless to say I was worried because I am only 47 years old. Then at Christmas my mother in law gave me your Health Master. I have been using it everyday at least once a day since Jan 1st 2011 and with the same level of exercise as before, which is 4 days a week of martial arts training. I have lost another 10 lbs in 2.5 months. Currently I am at 190 lbs, my blood pressure dropped and my cholesterol went down just by "drinking my vegetables". The doctor no longer wants me on any medications. I am so excited and so relieved thank you for bringing this product to the public. I hate to think where I would be without it. I now feel confident that I will hit my goal of 170 lbs. Thank you again!

John P.

We love the HealthMaster!!

LLoyd and Lorna E.

I never dreamed my new health master would be everything, I saw on TV. One unit, all the goodies with very little work to use plus clean up is a breeze. My husband and myself love,love,love our health master. I can't hardly wait to try all the different recipes,ice cream and soups.

Mary C.

I dont know what to say, Montel. I am so impressed with my purchase of your HealthMaster after being so very disappointed by other TV purchases that just didnt live up to their promised expectations. I opened the box and said 'ok, you and I are gonna have a faceoff.' I set it up and threw stuff in it that just didnt appeal to me normally....brussel sprouts (not many, 2 maybe), a little spinach and to take the edge off of the mixture, strawberries, a banana an orange and a bit of pineapple (with a tad bit of water). I totally grossed myself out. I whipped that mixture up for 3 minutes and poured it into a glass, then asked myself, 'what the heck am I trying to prove?' I have to tell you, I was never so surprised in my life. It was actually very good. Im hooked and cant wait for my next months order of recipes! Im so happy I was skeptic enough to order this and grateful that I did. Thanks Montel, you made a believer out of me.

Janice S.

The Healthmaster is a life saver. Have been dealing with digestive problems all my life. Could never get enough fiber. I have now cured one of my problems and feel 90% better. Thank you Montel Williams!

Jean C.

I love it!!!! As a vegetarian it makes life much easier. I love the recipes. Thank you Montel!!!

Raine M.

This is the best investment that I have ever purchased. It is simply amazing...a little loud but worth every penny! I would recommend this to everyone.

Keri R.

I ordered a healthmaster last month and I'm very pleased. I use it everyday. I'm eating very health, blood pressure down, and I've lost 12 lbs in one month.

Ronnie A. J.

I just purchased MyHealmaster...Oh my goodness is very easy and fast!!! I LOVE THIS MACHINE !!!!! Thank You

Ana E.

Wow. i just recieved my emulsifier in the mail. it is awesome. my husband and I are in love with this machine. we made soothies, broccolli soup and vegetable soup there were so yummy and quick i am sold on this as we are vegetarians i stir fry alot now I have another way you to cook my vegetables and fruits. you rock montel. blessings to you.

Charles and Edna J.

Absolutely LOVE my HealthMaster. Every morning I have a pineapple/lemon/banana/spinach smoothie. If I miss a day - I have one at night. I bring my HealthMaster to work on many days and we all bring something to throw in and share. We've had lots of great soups and smoothies - and lots of laughs.

Sandy R.

Today I am 50 years old, i purchased my healthmaster one week before my birthday got it two days before the big day, Ii make my first healthy drink this morning, love it looooooove it and it work. I hope more Canadian will order the healthmaster.


I have seriously used this machine everyday since i got it. I have turned on others to this as well. I have lost 15lbs and along with a liquid vitamin I take I have lost 15 pounds in the first month! I love it!!! Customer Service is a Great suppot team.... I am always calling for new recipes or just because... GREAT PRODUCT!!

James W.

I just purchased my healthmaster... i had my sister-in-law, who has MS, tell me how she did with hers before i purchased... she loves it, my brother uses it too... had no problems with operating it whatsoever. Got mine..LOVE IT.. I make smoothies for me and the kids. best purchase.

Chris K.

This is one of the best kitchen appliances I have ever purchased. The drinks are quick, easy and healthy and they taste GREAT!

Laura L.

Dear Montel, I ordered the pain relief creme for my mother who suffers severely with rhematoid arthritis. Her joints are turned and she lives in pain 24/7. We have tried everything and this is the first non prescription pain relief that actually helps. I appreciate the work that has gone into this product to help the pain that arthritis sufferers deal with each day.

Lisa G.



Montel I can't tell you Thank you enough. I am so glad that I invested in my Life. I have been a fan of yours as Long as I can remember, so I thought this has to be true & honest and it Is! It's Giving me a positive start everyday! Blessings & Prayers for you Always.

Mary E.

I am truly impressed with the results of the pain spray, I starte using it about 3 months ago and I am truly satisfied. I have an aunt that is 86 years young that have problem with her knees, and I am sending her a bottle.


Oh my goodness! A whole unit? If I could just get the top part replaced - it would be wonderful. I absolutely love my blender and use it every day. I even bring it to work and we all use it. Thank you so much!


Recently called in to healthmasters customer service and a representative called jeremy t20 helped me out alot. He was extremly professional and after being a little skeptical about placing the order, he explained all the details for me and now Im at ease. After speaking to Jeremy, I would definitly recommend the healthmaster to all my friends and family!!! Thank you Montel!!!


I called with an issue, Vanessa T70 helped me. She is the nicest person I have ever talked to there. She is professional, very nice and sincere. She is an asset to your business there. If someone could please call me, that would be great!

Susan H.



I truly love this machine. I have had it for two weeks and the family truly likes how easy it is to make smoothies. I also like that it uses the whole fruit which keeps my family healthy. I have to admit that already I feel much healthier inside and out. It helps keep my energy up at work also since some days are very stressful. Clean up is so easy as well. I would recommend this to all my friends and can't wait to try other things with my HealthMaster. Thanks for making this machine.


I have had my Health Master for a couple months and I prefer it over any other kitchen appliance. Eatting this way makes even a 64 year old like me feel great. I also want to say how great your customer service is. I have asked them a few questions and they have been wonderful. One is Jessenia # T91 and Sammy # R91. Please know that you hire excellent people who care about the customer.


I received my machine the other day and it is as good as Montel claims. I got my children to eat "greens" in smoothies and they loved it. I also made homemade leek & potato soup for the first time - it was amazing - so easy and fast - and when you work it's hard to find the time to make everything from scratch. This machine is great.

D. Cossee

I bought the Montel Williams Health Master a month ago, and it was one of the best purchases I ever made. It can be used to do so much, and I\'ve used it everyday since with absolutely no problem. I have to buy another one for my father, it's a must have. The Health Master is so easy to clean, and very easy to use. I would recommend to anyone who wants a healthier lifestlye..thanks montel for having a great Customer Service Team...i am always calling in to get different recipe ideas.

Kathy K.

I tell everyone I meet that there are 3 'must haves' in the kitchen 1) Healthmaster, 2) Rice Cooker 3) Slow cooker. Thank you, thank you - I use the Healthmaster every single day and I love exploring the variety of fresh vegetables and fruits. I lost 20 pounds in 21 days using the Healthmaster in a strict (no meat, wheat, dairy or beans) purification program with fruits and vegetables. The results - my cholesterol dropped to 158!!! I am continuing eating healthier because Healthmaster makes it so easy. I have added back fish, beans and nuts (for you protein lovers). I love this product. Just add ginger, cilantro or wheat grass for a great pick up. It is awesome.

Pat R.



I LOVE THIS MACHINE!!!! BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO OUR HOUSEHOLD... I called customer service to ask a few questions and had the most wonderful conversation. Montel's staff is AWESOME!!!


I started using my HealthMaster 5 days ago and I am so excited how different I feel. I have blended all of my meals, making the most delicious smoothies with apples, mango, pineapple, banana. My favorite is with almond milk, peanut butter, coconut, cocoa and banana. It is so delicious, I am always disappointed when it is gone. I am telling everyone about this wonderful new way of eating.

Mary M.

The healthmaster makes a healthy lifestyle easy. My body thanks you.


My wife bought the healthmaster and made me a drink with apples, spinach water and ice and i looked at it and said no thanks, then i decided to take a chance and sip it and i'll be doggone, it was delicious. Try it, you can send it back but i don't think you will, i know i'm gonna lose at least 20 unwanted pounds using this.

Mike P.

This is such a wonderful product. I haven't been using it long but i see the diffeerence. The great thing is that you can leave it on the counter and get up every morning and prepare your breakfast drink thasame thing for lunch it's a wonderful product. I can't exercise because of a back injury so i look forward to keeping in touch to let you no my progress wish me luck....

Linda A.

This is the best thing I've ever bought off an infomercial! I was very surprised! I've used the book recipes as a guide but I make my own. I can't get wait to create more of my own recipes!

Jennifer M.

I bought the Healthmaster about two months ago. I making a veggie in the morning and have a fruit drink in the afternoon.I still workout in the morning. I so happy that I made this investment for my health.

William A.

This is absolutely one of the best purchases I ever made. A great way to get the kids to eat vegetables. I sneak carrots, spinach, broccoli, zucchini and other vegies into the fruit smoothie and the kids aren't the wiser. All they know is that it tastes good and they look forward to their morning smoothie every day. As for me, I've been trying to lose weight for a while with no luck. I make a pitcher of smoothie and take it to work with me. Now when I need a quick energy lift, instead of reaching for a candy bar or soda, I have some smoothie and it keeps me satisfied until my next meal. I've already started losing weight, my energy level has increased and I am sleeping better. I never make purchases from the television but when I saw it was from Montel, how could I doubt anyone with his integrity. My family and I are on the road to good health. Thank you Montel, for this wonderful product, you're the best!

S. Lewis

I am a 57 year old therapist. The last 10 years have seen a steady decline in my energy and increase in my weight. My old way of approaching the cause was not working. I saw your show by chance one sunday afternoon and ordered the healthmaster that day. I started with my own concoction, (tomatoes, handfull of leaf spinach, handful of parsely, 2 handfuls of baby carrots, apple, orange, banana, pomegranate and strawberries. With the water added and the smoothie consistency it tasted really pretty good. I got better at making taste great but that\'s not the big deal. My energy increased exponentially and I started to lose weight and I was not as hungry. I am back to exercising 4 days on one day off, my assistant and clients have asked me what I was doing because of the weight loss and complexion.....I told them about your product....I have found the solution to the cause....I used to juice and wondered why we threw away the pulp away which I knew was some of the best "stuff". Thanx are the best and I would encourage anyone over 40 to get this machine. It will literally save your life. Oh yeah one other thing....friends of mine used to show me pictures of boats with good looking women in the foreground and I would say....nice I am starting to notice the forground again...

Bill M.

This is absolutely the best kitchen appliance I\'ve ever bought! I just made soup and it was awesome. Our family makes every kind of smoothie you can imagine. We are on our way to great health!

Thanks Montel.

I love the Health Master and it grinds my gluten free grains with ease and creates healthy shakes in a flash. You are so inspirational and share so much with your viewers. I applaud all you have done and am so grateful.

Best regards,

This is the bset appliance I have ever bought myself! When I saw that it was from Montel, I knew I could trust it. I was right! Now I wish I could get one for each one of my kids and I am trying to get my siblings to get one. Thank you so much.

Judy S.

I have tried other blenders and none of them compare to this! My husband suggested that I order this. I have made ice cream as well as a fruit juice drink which we drink in to mornings instead of orange juice. The drink consists of 3 peeled oranges, 2 apples (removed core), handful of blueberries, green grapes, red grapes & banana. This is a GREAT drink & it\'s more healthier for you. This is an amazing machine & SO EASY to clean. I recommend it for anyone. It may cost a littler more than your other blenders but it is well worth it!

Barbara P.

Wow, is this a wonderful machine! I've had several juicers and always been disappointed about having to throw away all the fiber and micronutrients. No more!!! I use it at least five times a week, works like a charm, simple clean-up, and SO delicious! What a great value too!

Sarah A

I've had my HealthMaster for 2 weeks. During that time I quit drinking diet cola (was consuming 5 - 7 cans a day). Now, when I am home, I eat only what comes out of my HealthMaster (guacamole, soup, veggie juices, fruit juices, nut butters). All other meals have been unchanged. I liked it so much I bought one for a friend.


The idea of being to make fresh healthy soup in a matter of minutes, is priceless. I have a busy schedule and it is very hard to take the time it takes to make home made soup, chopping waiting for hours, for the soup to cook. With the HealthMaster, my family could have fresh soup daily in a matter of minutes.

Thank You
Barbara F.

I just got my health master a week ago an i have to say that its alot bigger than I thought it was , but i really love it im a juice freak love to try all different types of juices an this machine really does a great job with it and does so much more than I ever imagined i love the healthmaster.


Need to say im very picky, I saw this item on TV and was sold , many items come accros the screen but this one caught my eye it just made sense...Got the Machine and wow the mother of all blenders...But this is more than a blender its an emulsifier.This Item Is great it makes the best drinks...And vegtables do taste better mixed with friut.This is an amazing machine and the clean up is so easy and fast.Comes with great recipies that i have yet to explore... this machine is used every other day and the reason it makes enough for 1 person for 2 days.My wife uses it for friut drinks and they are awsome.I would advise anyone to try this machine.And at 1/2 the cost of other machines Thank You Montel ... :-)

Don L K.

I have prayed for a way to get in my vegetables and fruit every day. I work afternoons and had to pack a grocery bag to get all the nurtients I need for the day. Not any more !!! I love, love,love this machine.(Got one for my daughter also) We are in nurtitional heaven. The whole family made a face when they saw the spinach go in, but when they tasted the smoothies they were hooked. Can't say enough, thank you Montel for sharing this wonderful tool to good health.

Pam J.

I just received my HealthMaster and I must say that I have never been this excited about an appliance. I already had a blender that I made smoothies with but it had its limits....with the HealthMaster, I feel like the possibilities are endless. I love that the container is so big and that I can finally just toss whole fruits and vegetables in without a second thought..and the fact that it can pulverize ice in just seconds or anything for that matter. I am vegan and with a busy lifestyle it makes it hard to find the time to create healthy meals that don't require much time or cleanup, but with the HealthMaster, I don't see that as a problem any more! I feel so blessed to have seen the infomercial and I will be using my HealthMaster everyday.


Received my Health Master 2 days ago, cant keep myself away from it. Love it so much, foods in a minutes and hot-how great is that? stopped trips to grocery store to get ice cream. I have my own special ice cream maker. Thank you for such a great product.


I received my HealthMaster and wish I had the money to buy my daughter one! Health foods in minutes! Vitamins galore! I LOVE IT!


I've used it near 4 weeks; it's a great product. I make fruit smoothies every day; twice a day on weekends. I feel so much healthier, and it has motivated me to change my eating habits in general; no more processed food. It's so easy to clean that i never mind using it.


All I can say is OH My!!!! This is the best machine every. I am on my third week. I never ate Vegtables or fruits because I hated the way they felt in my mouth. I mean never ate you can vouch this with all my family and freinds. With this machine I finally can eat them. I make smoothies and juices and absolutely love the way it tastes. I am so excited to finally be putting healthy food in my body. Thank you Montel so much!!!!

Peggy Sue.

I bought a healthmaster and love it so much that I purchased two more... One for each of my two children. A great way to get fruits and veggies into your diet.


I have been juicing for years, but since I have started using the HEATLHMASTER, I have enjoyed making different drinks, all of which are very tasty and loaded with vitamins. The clean up is fast!!


This is a great product that allows me to quickly get my whole family all their daily requirements for vegtables and fruits. It's a real time saver and my husband and kids do not even realize their eating their green vegtables. This makes me feel like I'm doing everything possible to make sure they have a long and healthy life and I will be able to meet my grandchildren.


I love the HealthMaster! I have made so many things and now I am almost using it for all my meals! I'm eating more fruits and veggies and even store them so I can have a quick snack. It's quick and easy and you can make sooo many things with it! I hope they make a site to upload fav recipes.. I have a few already!


I enjoy the fact that I can get all of the vegetables at once. It helps out alot and I think it is a great appliance.


What I love about it is the capability of it to sneak veggies into fruity drinks & the kids don't know it! That would be so incredible to be able to do that for my kids & my husband, who is still pretty much kid when it comes to veggies. Also, the way you can use so much FRESH fruits & veggies & get it done so fast! Incredible product!


This is the best thing that I have done for my family in a long time.My husband takes it to work and drinks it during his break and it gives him energy to continue with th night shift. Tones on nutrients in every drink. I have always had issues with breakfast. I don't like the choices. This took care of that problem. I drink a green/fruit smoothie for breakfast and one for lunch w/snacks and then dinner. Perfect.


My HealthMaster is one of the most important things in my kitchen. I use it every day. My husband and I enjoy the benefits of diet rich in vitamins and minerals provided to us naturally so much that we bought one for my mother.


It used to seem like a chore to make sure that you're getting at least 5-8 servings of Fruits and Vegetables a day but now I get that with each meal making delicious smoothies that even someone who hates veggies will love! I still eat what I want, but I have the smoothie with it and so maybe I'm not eating as much as I would normally because the smoothies are so filling. I also have added whole flax seeds into my smoothies at the end of the cycle and it does a nice job even with a small seed like that! Perfect. I don't know what I would do now without it! I've even gotten my brother to start using it and he loves it! Amazing! My Neice hates veggies and fruit and I made a smoothie for her and she liked it and wants another one soon. That blows my mind.


I really love my HealthMaster. I had to learn what mixed well and now I am a champ. My favorite is my version of "Chunky Monkey": 1 med banana 1/3 cup raisens or appricots 1/2 cup soy milk 6-8 ice cubes 1/2 cup mixed nuts (rinse the nuts to remove some salt and add last before blending) Blend until smooth and creamy then add 1/4 cup semi choc chips mini-s. Makes about 3 servings


My mom got me this for my 30th birthday. I love it! I just wanted to say thank you so much for healthy start to my ten years. This machine is quiet and easy to clean. I can't believe how good fresh vegetables taste, theycan be sweet! This is a great present. I feel so good! Thank you.


Received my HealthMaster earlier this week. It was a little intimidating when I pulled it out of the's pretty BIG, but doesn't have a large countertop footprint. Bought a bunch of fruits because sweetness would be a winner with my husband. My first attempt was the Strawberry Banana Smoothy...WINNER!! I used FF yogurt instead of soy milk for thickening, and fresh squeezed orange juice instead of pineapple and all fruits were refrigerated before use. Within a minute we had a smooth refreshing drink for breakfast. I fully believed it would have be grainy or gritty, BUT I WAS WRONG!! It was smooth as silk and mighty tasty. My husband even suggested I grind my vitamins first and add to the smoothy for added boost. He's soooo smart!!! Love it! Can't wait to make the veggie drink next.


Create healthy meals in a flash with the
emulsifying power of the Living Well HealthMaster:
  • Make delicious hot soups and ice cream
  • Create tasty meals while preserving
    vital nutrients
  • Dynamic versatility replaces 20 different
    kitchen appliances
  • Uni-body blade design pulverizes
    for the perfect treat

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